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Project Detail Spec Template

Project Specification Form

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Required Information

*This template should be filled out by the Product Manager, Engineering Manager, Project Manager, or some combination thereof.*

Property Cost Center Deployment
Submitted By Date QA Contact Bugzilla Product
(if QA assigned)


In this section, *Confidence" indicates your level of confidence in making the given date. Choose one of:

  • High: Business, Engineering, and QA scoped and committed
  • Medium: Some uncertainty in the dates, or some resources not yet committed
  • Low: Uncertain, may change

Milestone Date Confidence Notes
PRD Finalized
Functional Specs Finalized
Software Architecture Finalized
Feature Complete
Code Complete
Code Freeze
Internal/Beta Launch
(if applicable)
Public Launch


Add links to the following project documents

Executive Summary
Project Overview (1-2 paragraphs)
[add link to executive summary]
Product Requirements Document
Functional Specs
Functional specifications
Software Architecture
should include platform integrations and data flow;
required before Architecture, BCP & Capacity Review
[add link to software architecture docs]

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Document Link
Project Requirements (Kickoff) Form

List the documents reviewed. Detail any clarifications below.

Notes & Clarifications on Project Specifications Documents


Identify any concerns with performance, scalability, or maintainability based on the supplied documents.

Concern Details Recommendation PM Comments

Issues & Action Items

List issues raised in review.

Status Issue Owner Recommendation Eng Solution Eng Notes Notes Resolved Date

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