Runbooks Procedure (Standalone)

Host Unreachable: Lost in Space

Update Meta Data

Host has become unreachable. Pings return no response.
Sample Alert:
Danger Will Robinson! Danger!

Property Entertainment
Service Type Host unreachable
Service Long running query
Runbook Status New


Authorized personnel only.

Include Procedure Steps From "Partial" Runbook

Runbook entry to include
Enter the topic name (e.g. RunBk42). Do not include [[...]] or full URL.

Authorized personnel only.

Create Procedure Step

Step title(optional; max chars: 60)
(Note - steps will be numbered automatically.)

Enter instructions for this step
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1 Verify The Alert

Check Nagios and confirm that the alert is still valid. If it is, proceed to the next step.

2 Check For Alien ships

If alien ships are present, raise shields.

Additional Information


Escalation Points

Contact Dr. Smith


All "meta data" on this page -- everything except the procedure itself -- is stored in the form (below). Edit the form to update that data.

Change status to:

Apps.RunbooksForm edit

Runbook Title Host Unreachable: Lost in Space
RunbookType Standalone
RunbookPropertyName Entertainment
RunbookServiceType Host unreachable
RunbookServiceName Long running query
Exec Summary Host has become unreachable. Pings return no response.
Alert String Danger Will Robinson! Danger!
Escalation Points Contact Dr. Smith
Add Comments
RunbookStatus New
Owner Primary
Owner Secondary
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