Runbooks App Overview

Use Case: Service Engineering Runbooks (Knowledge Base)

I was approached by our Service Engineering Department's triage team to assist in refactoring our runbooks. The Tier 1 external Technical Support team had been building a Runbooks Knowledge Base, but their support for Service Engineering was minimal. The look and feel did not meet the requirements of our department and we were not invited to participate in either the design or development stages.

I created a new wiki-based application using templates (for standard look and feel). We wanted our application to be easy for all service engineers to use, both for creating content, editing content, and, most important, for finding content during an outage.

We moved approximately 20 runbooks from the previous KB into the new application, using copy-and paste. This process gave us the information required to write a training presentation and a set of guidelines for creating new runbooks. We then then scheduled several training meetings and asked service engineers to begin adding new content, providing feedback as they went along.

The Runbooks app supports:

  1. Create a new runbook entry
    • set status as New, Incomplete, Complete, Verified, or Needs Attention
  2. Edit entries
  3. Categories (property, service type, service name)
  4. Search form
  5. Index - list of current runbooks pages
  6. Add services to the list
  7. Add new status types


Pieces of the Application

  • RunbooksApp - top level page with links to "create", "search", index", and docs.

Sample Runbook

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