Standards Doc Template Format

The shared code below is included into every standards document page (via the template).

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---+++!! Standards Documentation
---+!! %FORMFIELD{"StandardName"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}% (%FORMFIELD{"ComplianceLevel"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%)

*Area*:  %FORMFIELD{"Area"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  

*Status*: %FORMFIELD{"Status"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}% 

*This %FORMFIELD{"ComplianceLevel"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}% standard applies if* %FORMFIELD{"AppliesIf"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  

*To comply*: %FORMFIELD{"ToComply"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}% 


##### (Description and unique content appears here) #####



| Created By | %FORMFIELD{"CreatedBy"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  |
| Created On | %FORMFIELD{"CreatedOn"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  |
| ESG Contact | %FORMFIELD{"ESGContact"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  |
| Engineering Contact | %FORMFIELD{"EngineeringContact"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  |
| Date Accepted | %FORMFIELD{"DateAccepted"  topic="%INCLUDINGTOPIC%"}%  |

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