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Form Definition

This is the definition of the BaseForm used in the ######## application. All ######## pages use this form.

Note: values (for menus; Type: select) are defined in their respective subpages (click the field name)

DO NOT edit this page unless you know what you're doing!

If you are the least bit unsure, read more about Wiki applications before clicking Edit!

  • Menu values (type: select) are defined on a separate page (linked to the "Name" field). Do not edit the Values field in the table below.
  • If you add or change any of the fields in this form, be sure to sync the fields in the related project initiation form .

  • General
    • Do not press "return" in any textarea fields when adding data to this table. All fields should contain one line of input.
    • Ignore the apparent "broken Wiki links" in the Name column. This is OK.
  • Type
    • one of: text, textarea, checkbox, radio, label, select
  • Size
    • For text fields, the size is the width in characters (e.g. 40)
    • For a text area, the size is rows x columns (e.g. 5x40)
    • If type is select, radio, or checkbox, the "values" should be a comma-separated list of choices
    • If you want a menu to be empty initially, begin the list with a comma
  • Values
    • If type is select, radio, or checkbox, the "values" should be a list of choices are defined in a separate topic where the topic name equals the field name. See Menu definitions links below.
    • For other types, ignore the "values" field
  • Tooltip Message
    • This should be a short descriptive phrase
  • Attributes
    • H Hide field when viewed in topic
    • M Mandatory field, must have a value
    • HM Hidden & Mandatory

Name: Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: Attributes

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