Creating Topics

A topic is a single page in a the wiki (ie, this wiki installation).

By default, the wiki will decide that any WikiWord (ie, a word with at least one embedded capital letter) should be a link to a topic, e.g. EditorialCalendar.

To create a new topic page, follow these steps:

  • Find the page that you want to hold a link to your new topic. This page will be your new topic's parent.

  • Click Edit at the top of the page to begin editing.

  • Add the link to your new topic.

    On most wikis, you can use WikiWord syntax (two or more words with initial capitals, run together). For example, if you want the page to be named 'NewTopic', put one of the following on the page you're editing:

    • NewTopic
    • [[NewTopic]]
    • [[NewTopic][New Topic Description]]

  • Save the page.

  • Click on the "?" question mark just after the word you just entered.

  • You should now be in Edit mode on your new page.

  • Add your text using ShortHand and click "Preview" to preview your page. or click "Save" to save the page.

You will now have created the new page as well as added a link to your new page.

NOTE: Although a WikiWord is usually enough to make a link, users or administrators may disable this feature.

If someone has put


on the page, or

   * Set NOAUTOLINK = on

in WebPreferences, you will need to be specific.

Wrap the name of the page you want to create in doubled brackets ([[...]]), eg:


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