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FAQ Application

This is a demo of a Wiki FAQ application. It has in three parts:

The parts know about each other. It should not be necessary to edit the content of any of the pages.


If you also copy the Instructions (above the double line) be sure to erase them when your FAQ is working.


If you copy this app, be sure to copy the required FAQForm and FAQTemplate topics as well; the app is a 3-piece set.

After adding the three topics to your own Wiki, you may rename the Topics to match your web or project. Important: The code recognizes this naming convention (*xFAQ, xFAQForm, xFAQTemplate)

If you rename, only change the part of the name before FAQ. Example: you might rename the FAQ page to KumquatFAQ, the form, KumquatFAQForm and the template, KumquatFAQTemplate.

Help web FAQ

Were you looking for the Frequently Asked Questions About the Wiki?

Note: The FAQ is sorted by modified date from newest to oldest. Click any column header for alternative sorting.


Question Answer Modified
What is the airspeed of an unladen swallow? That depends. Is the swallow African or European?... FAQTopic 0000
Does anybody really know what time it is? No.... FAQTopic 0001
Number of topics: 2

Submit a new FAQ

New FAQ question:

ALERT! NOTE: You'll get the chance to add the answer after the FAQ page is created. When creating a FAQ, you should already have the question and the answer available.

FYI: Required associated pages. Be sure you have these.

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