How to: Create New Pages

See Also: HowToCreateTopic

To create a new topic, just give it a name.

First: Pick a Name

  • Decide on a name for your topic.

  • Example MyPage

Make a new link in any existing topic

  • Edit any topic (preferably a related topic!)

  • Add a link to the new topic's name
    • example: [[MyPage]]

  • Save

TWiki puts a ? next to the name to show that it is a potential link. (MyPage?)

  • Click the ?

  • TWiki will open an Edit window for the new topic

Note: The "parent" will be set to the topic that you linked from.

Method 2: Enter a Nonexistent URL

Type the URL to the (nonexistent) topic into the Address field of your browser.


  • When you press Return, TWiki will tell you that the topic doesn't exist.

  • Click "Create".

Note: Topics created in this way will be "orphans". You should set a parent topic using More topic options.

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