How To: Create a New Topic

See Also: HowToCreateNewPages

Note: The Wiki is organized into webs (folders) and topics (pages). Webs contain hundreds or thousands of topics.

The information on this page is an excerpt from TopicGuidelines. See the more complete page for additional details.

Pick a Name

It may seem backwards, but in a Wiki, the name comes first. Before you can create a topic, you have to choose a name.

A topic name should be a WikiWord, composed of at least two words, each capitalized and spaces removed. It must begin with a capital letter. Be sure to review the topic naming guidelines.

Where To Create a Topic

The Wiki is organized into "webs" and "topics." A "web" is implemented as a directory (folder). Each web contains anywhere from 10s to thousands of topics.

Topics should be created in the most appropriate "web" Avoid putting project data into administrative webs such as Main or Sandbox.

If you are unsure which web you should be working in, consult a co-worker in your project team.

Create the Topic

To create a new page, first create a link.

  1. Choose a related page that already exists.
  2. Edit the existing page.
  3. Add your new page name to the existing page.
    • Use of double bracket syntax, [[PageName]] is recommended.
  4. Save.

Review the naming conventions and guidelines when choosing names.

Alternatively, enter the Name in the Address Field

Alternatively, you can create a new page by simply trying to access it from the address field of your browser:

If the page doesn't exist, the Wiki will ask if you want to create it.

Note Pages created this way are "orphans". They are not connected (yet) to any other page and their parent topic is the default top of the web. The parent relationship is important; it forms the basis of the "breadcrumbs" shown at the top of every page. In addition, the TreeBrowserPlugin relies on topic parent/child relationships to present a logical hierarchy of a site. (See TopicTree for an example.) Be sure to set the parent topic appropriately (Details).

Use a Form

You can also set up a form with a button to make creating new topics easier. If you like, make a copy of this page: NewTopicCreate in your own web.

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