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Deprecate Pages

See also: Watermarks (Background Images).

deprecate [n]: To express disapproval of...
_Said of a program or feature that is considered obsolescent and in the process of being phased out, usually in favor of a specified replacement._

Instead of deleting pages, you may prefer to deprecate them so as not to lose any historical value. This is especially helpful if people still have bookmarks. Deprecation can provide a pointer to the new page with a recommendation to change the bookmark.

(But see "When Should You Delete a Topic?", at the end of this page, for other options).

This page describes some suggestions for deprecating pages.

Deprecate an Entire Page

Here's what to do:

1. Change the parent topic if appropriate.

  • Click More topic actions
  • Under Set new topic parent
  • Click Edit

2. Edit the page contents
  • At the top of the page, above the original page content, add some new text, explaining that this page is deprecated.
    For example:
      ____ *This page has been retired. Please see [[NewWhizBang]] for the current version.* ____ 
(Note: the string of dots is a trick to make the deprecation text more obvious in search/index results)

  • When applicable, include a link to a more appropriate page

  • Wrap the original content as follows:
              ... deprecated content ...

  • (other webs) See below for the code that implements the %DEPRECATE% and %ENDDEP% variables.

3. Save the page

Deprecate Part of a Page

If only part of a page is outdated, you can deprecate just that portion. In this case, you have two options:

  1. Cut the content, move it to the bottom of the page, and wrap it in %DEPRECATE% ... %ENDDEP% (as above).
  2. Delete the outdated content.
    • The Wiki uses RCS for revision control. Deleted content will be archived in the revision history.

Lock the Page Against Changes

If the grey text and background GIF aren't enough to keep people from using the page, consider locking it against further edits.

See How do I Control Access to My Pages? in our Wiki FAQ.

FYI: The %DEPRECATE% ... %ENDDEP% variables

These variables provide convenience shortcuts for the following code.

%DEPRECATE% is defined as
   <div style="background-image: url('%PUBURLPATH%/Help/WebGraphics/deprecated.gif');">

%ENDDEP% is defined as

You can set these variables at the beginning of the deprecated page or in the WebPreferences topic for an entire web.

   * Set DEPRECATE = <div style="background-image: url('%PUBURLPATH%/Help/WebGraphics/deprecated.gif');"> %GRAY%
   * Set ENDDEP = %ENDCOLOR% </div>

When Should You Delete a Topic?

In some cases, deletion is acceptable. Feel free to delete a topic if:

  • it's been in existence for such a short time that it's highly unlikely anyone has linked to it
  • it's so old that no-one will notice its absence
  • it was created as (and named as) a temporary page in the first place
  • it was created as a private page, marked as such
  • it's in the Sandbox

Note that deleted pages are actually moved to a Trash web where they remain until the Trash is emptied. Even then, deleted pages will most likely be archived indefinitely "somewhere".

How to Delete

To delete a topic page, click More topic actions (at the far right of the list of links at the bottom of the page). One of the choice on the %MAROONMore Actions is "delete topic".

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