Recommended Plugins

I have found the following plugins to be extremely useful.

Some of these may already be installed. I recommend you install and enable any that aren't yet present in your installation.


These should be preinstalled. See TWiki.InstalledPlugins on your site for the list of currently installed plugins.

  • CommentPlugin -- Allows users to quickly post comments

  • EditTablePlugin -- Edit tables using edit fields

  • InterwikiPlugin -- Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites

  • RenderListPlugin -- Render bullet lists in a variety of formats

  • Spread Sheet Plugin -- Add spreadsheet calculations to TWiki tables or topic text

  • Slide Show Plugin -- Create web based presentations based on topics with headings.

  • TablePlugin -- Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns

  • TwistyPlugin -- Twisty section JavaScript library

Very handy. You really should install these.

  • BreadCrumbsPlugin -- A flexible way to display breadcrumbs navigation

  • CalendarPlugin -- Show a monthly calendar with highlighted events

  • ExplicitNumberingPlugin -- Use the 1, 1.1 etc. notation to insert outline numbering sequences (1, 1.1, 2, 2.1) in topic's text. Also support numbered headings.

  • FlexWebListPlugin -- Flexible way to display hierarchical weblists

  • ForEachPlugin -- Loop over successive elements of a list

  • GluePlugin -- Enable markup to span multiple lines

  • IfDefinedPlugin -- Render content conditionally

  • RedirectPlugin -- Create a redirect to another topic or website

  • TimeTablePlugin -- Render a weekly timetable

  • ToolTipPlugin -- create Tool Tips for links

  • TreeBrowserPlugin -- Renders a list as a collapsable/expandable tree.

  • TreePlugin -- Dynamic generation of topic trees

  • VarCachePlugin -- Cache variables in selected topics

-- VickiBrown - 2012-02-23

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