Topic Naming Conventions

If your web, group, or project has a naming convention, stick to it.

(If you don't have a naming convention, this would be a good time to create one!)

If your page fits in an existing category of pages, please make that clear by including the relevant keyword, prefix- and/or -suffix when naming the page.

Type of Page Prefix Suffix Examples Notes
Customer related Customer   CustomerEntrance, CustomerNews "externally" facing pages
Focus Areas OnCall, Triage, Release...   OncallMasterHomePage, TriagePolicy, ReleaseCalendar Choose a prefix that clearly identifies the audience and type of content
Management related Mgmt   MgmtPortal, MgmtHeadcount Management areas,
not necessarily for use only by managers
may require Group privileges
Personal pages Personal     Personal pages are acceptable here.
Prefix topic name with Personal and be sure to
include your ID or name, e.g. PersonalVbrown, or PersonalVicki
Project related (general) Project   ProjectPortal, ProjectTracking  
Property or Subsystem related (specific) name of Property / Subsystem   FinanceBCP, SportsOps, FeedsOps standardized format
Team related Team   TeamPortal, TeamDirectory may require Group privileges

Portal (Entry) Page   Portal TeamPortal, ProjectPortal lots of links
BCP Procedures   BCP FinanceBCP  
FAQ   FAQ YMGParanoidsFAQ See the DocsFAQ index
Guidelines   Guideline(s) MeetingGuidelines, EmailGuidelines See the DocsProcedures index
How to... HowTo   HowToCloneNewServer See the DocsHowTo index
Index   Index ProjectArchReviewIndex usually uses a Search to produce an index
requires adherence to naming conventions
Open Issues tracking   OpenIssues PlatformOpenIssues, OpenIssues  
Policies   Policy EngrResponsePolicy See the DocsPolicy index
Procedures   Procedure(s) FinanceOncallProcedures See the DocsProcedures index
Processes   Process HRCSubmissionProcess  
Tools   Tools ToolsResource See the DocsTools index

Administrative (Restricted) Keywords

If you aren't completely confident of how these work, do not use these keywords in topic names!

Type of Page Prefix Suffix Examples Notes
Doc portals Docs   DocsGuidelines, DocsCustomer See the DocumentationLibrary index
Web admin Web   WebAttic, WebChanges  
Template   Template WebTopicEditTemplate Copy/paste or used by Wiki
See the DocsTemplates index; use this suffix with care
strict creation mechanism
  TemplateStrict TriageMapTemplateStrict, ProjectDetailTemplateStrict Used via Form
Do not try to manually copy from these!

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