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Form Values: Tut Project Classification

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This page defines the values for the TutProjectClassification field used in the WikiTutApp application.

DO NOT edit this page unless you know what you're doing!

Important: If you update any of the menu values defined here, you must update the set of values for both the Wiki and HTML forms.

Wiki Form Menu Values

The table below defines the values for the TutProjectClassification field of the Form.

Only the Name field below is used by the relevant forms. Additional columns are for documentation purposes only.

The top-most cell should be blank.

In Progress

HTML Form Menu Values

The HTML code below is included into the HTML form at WikiTutAppE1Create.

Use WikiWord format - no spaces or punctuation characters (e.g., commas).

<!-- BEGIN_MENU --> <option></option>
 <option>Select one...</option>
 <option>In Progress</option>
<!-- END_MENU -->

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