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Is it possible to "roll up" calculations performed by Spreadsheet plugin into another topic? For example, to pluck out the Totals row from multiple child topics and roll them up into the parent?



How to show a grand total of several topics containing tables with Spreadsheet plugin formulae.


  • In each topic, add the total to a variable, like this in a footer row cell:
    %CALC{"$SET( grandtotal, $EVAL( $GET( grandtotal ) + $SUM($ABOVE()) ) )"}%
  • Include each topic in a master topic; hide the included topics if you are only interested in the grand total.
  • Display the grand total like this:
    %CALC{"$GET( grandtotal )"}%


1. Include SpreadSheetRollupTestA, SpreadSheetRollupTestB, SpreadSheetRollupTestC here, but hidden in HTML comments. Write this:


To get this empty text:

2. Show grand total. Write this: %CALC{"$GET( grandtotal )"}%

To get this: 11185

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