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Form Definition for a Wiki Application

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  • Each row in the table below defines a field in the resulting Wiki form.
    • These fields must also match any HTML data entry or search forms.

  • Be sure to use a unique and unambiguous name for each field.
    • Avoid using field names that collide with those in another form!
    • A naming convention with a common prefix is recommended.

  • Use WikiWord format for each field Name. You may "space out" the name.

  • You may use an Editable table to create the form definition.

  • Do not press "return" in any textarea fields when adding data to this table. All fields should contain one unbroken line of text.

  • Note that menu items (for type select) can be stored on another page (where the page name must match the field name).

Columns in the Table
  • Name
    • required
    • Use WikiWord format
  • Type
    • required
    • one of: text, textarea, checkbox, radio, label, select, date
  • Size
    • required
    • For text fields, the size is the width in characters (e.g. 40)
    • For a text area, the size is columns x rows (e.g. 40x5)
    • If type is select, radio, or checkbox, the "size" defines how much to show,
      e.g. how many menu items are visible at once or how many checkboxes in a row
  • Values
    • depends on type
    • If type is select, radio, or checkbox, the "values" should be a list of choices
      • these values may be defined in a page of their own, named by the field name.
      • If you want a menu to be empty initially, begin the list with a comma
    • For other types, ignore the "values" field
  • Tooltip Message
    • optional
    • This should be a short descriptive phrase
  • Attributes
    • optional
    • An attribute H indicates that this field should not be shown in view mode.
    • An attribute M indicates that this field is mandatory.

See DataForms and WikiTutApp for additional documentation.

The Form Definition

Name: Type: Size: Values: Tooltip message: Attributes
Tut Project Name
Name of this Project
Tut Project Page Link
Link to Project Development page
Tut Launch Date
Launch Date (planned)
Top level of organization
Select the project size
Select the level of involvement
Primary country where operation is handled
Tut Exec Summary
Brief description (100 chars)
Tut Page Comments
Any additional comments
Project Classification
Tut Project Status
%Red%, %Yellow%, %Green%
Project Status


  • If you add a field (row) to this table, be sure to update any related forms (e.g. Search and Initialization pages) as well.

  • If you change the Name on any row below, all data values for that field will be lost for any existing pages using this form!

Be sure to add this form to the WEBFORMS setting on the WebPreferences page!
   * Set WEBFORMS = ..., WikiTutAppE1Form

After you've done that, this form will be available behind the "Add Form" button on the Edit page for any topic in this Web.

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