Wiki Tutorial: "Power" Calendar

CalendarPlugin / TimeTablePlugin Integration

A client asked for a combination monthly and weekly calendar and after a fair amount of tinkering, I got a fairly satisfactory solution combining CalendarPlugin and TimeTablePlugin. I also incorporated the add-an-event "wizard" described in CalendarPluginAddEventCommentPluginTemplate. I'm sharing my work here for others that may find it useful and perhaps further refine it.

-- Lynwood Brown -- 08 Jun 2007 at TWiki:Support.HowToIntegrateWeekAndMonthCalendar


  • Month view

  • Timetable (Week) view

  • Convenient form for Adding events

  • Event list


The calendar application is built using only to pages
  • one contains the program (all the plugin calls to draw the calendar)
  • the other contains the data

The data (i.e., the calendar entries) are stored separately from the application code. ANyone can cpy an existing calendar application page and use it without worrying about changing or clearing out the data first.

The application contains a button that allows you to view the Event List (imported from the data page). To make modifications to event, you edit the data directly.

Plugins Used

The Calendar uses several plugins in combination

Demonstration Pages

Try it!

Week/Month Calendar

The original calendar application, with timetable (week) view: WikiTutCalendarDemo

Quarter View

A modification provides a view of a quarter year using three small month calendars WikiTutCalendar2Demo

Supplementary pages

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