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The breadcrumb list at the top of every Wiki page shows the "parent" relationships for the current topic.
  • Example:

These relationships make it easier to navigate the web.

Note: On the server, a Wiki web is implemented as a single folder. Each topic represents a file in that folder. All topics are at the same folder level.

The "parent/child" relationships between pages is independent of the file system on the server (and hence of the pages' URLs).

This can be a bit confusing at first but it's very useful. It's easy to reposition a page within the topic hierarchy without breaking links. Parent pages and breadcrumbs can be changed quickly, making it easier for humans to navigate a web. You can organize and re-organize your web as you like it, but on the server, nothing changes.

Best Practices Recommendation: Use a combination of parent pages, indexing, and strong naming conventions to make topic relationships clear.

By default, a topic's "parent" is the page from which you first linked to it. If you create a topic "from thin air" (e.g. via a "page does not exist, do you want to create it" form), the parent will be set to the "WebHome" topic of the current web.

You can change a topic's parent to make navigation easier. Keep in mind that you are changing a logical relationship when you do this. Nothing is actually being moved around on the server.

To set the parent topic, click More topic actions at the bottom of a "view" (not "Edit") page. Then scroll down to the item, Set new topic parent. Type or paste the name of the desired parent page into the box or click Pick from a list for a menu. (Caution: if your web is very large, the list may take a long time to appear.)

  • Screenshot:

Setting the topic parent

-- VickiBrown - 30 May 2008

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