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Extensions (or plugins) are Wiki enhancements that extend the functionality of the Wiki. There are extensions that let you include sections of pages into other pages, add calendars or comment forms, create tables, build slide shows, and do much more. Wiki extensions also provide the basis for powerful applications such as a team directory, project tracking system, event calendar, or discussion forum.

See InstalledPlugins for the list of plugins installed at this site.

Add Content (Comments) via a Form

The CommentPlugin allows viewers to add content to a page without clicking the "Edit" link on the page.

Take Control of Tables

The TablePlugin lets you control the look and feel of Wiki tables. Change text and cell background and alignment, enforce column widths, and allow tables to be sorted by different fields.

The EditTablePlugin allows viewers to add or modify content in a table without fighting with Wiki markup.

The Spreadsheet Plugin allows you to do calcultions in table cells (ala a "real" spreadsheet).

Better Bullets and Outlines


The RenderListPlugin gives you more flexibility in hierarchical list creation


Use TreeBrowserPlugin to render any a list as a collapsable/expandable "file explorer" tree.

Include Content From Other Pages, sites, or Programs

Wiki allows you to grab content from elsewhere - all or part of another page, the output of programs, etc - and present it in the current page.

Dynamic Content

Hide/Show Content

The TwistyPlugin allows you to hide or show sections of a page dynamically. The viewer clicks a link to see that content.

Hide/Show Table of Contents Entries

The TreePlugin allows you to hid or show sections of a bullet list dynamically. Surprise! Tables of Contents are just a special case of bullet lists.


The SpreadSheetPlugin provides control based on conditional calculations.

Filter Content With Regular Expressions

The FilterPlugin provides the ability to substitute and/or extract information from content using regular expressions.

Create a Topic Index

There are several ways to create a topic index for your Wiki pages.

Cache Results of Dynamic Content

VarCache caches all Wiki variables located in a topic so that the topic can be rendered as quickly as one without variables.

Modify Form Values Without "Edit" Stwp

Use CommentPlugin to quickly change a value in an associated Wiki Form.

Templates: Create New Pages from a Template

Calendars and Time Tables

Add a monthly calendar to your page

Add a timetables

Integrate a week-view and month-view calendar with an "add event" form.

Do Slide Show Presentations Without PowerPoint

Track Stale Data

Apps and Forms

Create a "Database-backed Application" using Wiki Forms

The Wiki Application tutorial makes use of templates, formatted Search, Wiki forms, and more to create a complete, multi-page "application".

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