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Naming Pages

If your group has a standard naming convention, follow it.

Take care when naming pages. Remember that many people share the same namespace. Use a name that is unambiguous and gives a hint as to the content. For example, ""MeetingMinutes" is probably not a good choices for a page name (unless, of course, this page records all of the minutes fr all possible meetings!)

Avoid ending page names with the word "Template" or "Form" unless the page contains a Wiki template or form. The Wiki makes assumptions about pages with names like this.

Don't put "Web" into the name unless the page applies across the entire Wiki web (section). Likewise, don't include "Wiki" in the page name unless the page describes the entire site.

Finally (repeated for emphasis), if your group has a standard naming convention, follow it.


Do you like what you see in some page? Take a look at our Cut & Paste Stationery page.

Use Your Favorite Editor

Stop typing in a browser form "textarea".

Two Firefox plugins allow you to edit Wiki pages using an external editor of your choice to edit the contents of textareas.

See Use an external editor for additional details.

vim styles

If you use vim, add syntax highlighting for Wiki.

Spell Checking

Firefox offers Spell Checking in Text Areas.

Use Keyboard Shortcuts

Edit, Preview, Save, Attach documents... using your keyboard instead of the mouse. See AccessKeys for details.

No Auto Linking!

Do you hate seeing MySQL? on your pages? Wrap your content in <noautolink> ... </noautolink>. You're in control of what Wiki will see as a link -- and what it won't. Be sure to wrap your links in [[DoubleBrackets]].

(The New Page template sets <noautolink> for all new topics created.)

Notify Me When a Page Changes

Is there any way I can syndicate the Wiki content or get notified on any updates to the page?

Add your email address, and a list of the pages you want to watch, to the WebNotify topic for that web.

Important: the WebNotify topic is web-specific. To follow topics in different webs, you'll need to add yourself to each WebNotify topic.

Control the Breadcrumbs

The Wiki doesn't have a "real" hierarchy of pages. However, you can set up a virtual hierarchy using parent topics.

Large Image? - Make a Thumbnail Easily

Don't use [[ ...]] or <...> to set off text

Some people like to use brackets to set off text, for example [[Do this later]] or <property>

Double brackets, [[, are "magic" Wiki code. Angle brackets, < are "magic" HTML code. Unless you are extremely careful (as in this example), you will not get the results you expect!

Tip: Change your habits. (Try parentheses. :-)

Or.. use HTML codes instead of entering them literally

  • &lt; = <
  • &gt; = >

  • You enter: (a &gt; 0)

  • Result: (a > 0)

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