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Tips for Indexing - Plan Ahead

I Can't Find The Page I'm Looking For!

The best way to find a Wiki page is to plan ahead when you create the page! Use naming conventions to make searching easier. Explot the Wiki "parent topic" feature to allow you to take advantage of breadcrumbs and logical page hierarchies. link pages into the most appropriate locations; it's better to link often than to link sparingly. Otherwise, the chances are good that the one page where you don't put a link will be the page where most people look first!

Below are two useful indexing techniques that take advantage of the tips above. Note: the results pages linked below generate their content dynamically. Please be paatient while they load.

Use a formatted search to list all topics matching a particular string or regular expression. This search shows all topics whose names begin with "WikiTut"

%TABLE{ dataalign="center" tablewidth="90%" sort="on" initsort="1" }%
| *Topic* | *Summary* | *Created By* | *Last Update* |
%SEARCH{ "WikiTut" scope="topic" type="literal" nosearch="on" order="topic"  \
 format="| [[$topic]] | $summary(100, noheader) | $createwikiusername | $date |")<p>" }%


Tree Plugin

Use TreePlugin in combination with TreeBrowserPlugin to create a view of the Wiki logical hierarchy. The Tree plugin uses Wiki parent relationships to build a logical tree. Tree Browser formats the tree with aa hide/show look and feel, similar to the Windows Explorer or Mac OS Finder.

%TREEBROWSER{"file" title="WikiTut"}%
%TREEVIEW{web="%WEB%" topic="WikiTut" formatting="outline" format="* [[$spacetopic]] ($author)"  levelprefix="   "}% 


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