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The revision info in the upper right of a page tells when the page was last edited.
  • screenshot:

But it's printed in light gray and you need to read it and calculate how long ago that was.

It would be nice if a recently updated page could be marked as having been recently updated, e.g.
  • screenshot:


Step 1

Create a View override template, e.g. WebViewTemplate, overriding the definition of "content" to test how recently the page was last modified.


%TMPL:P{"topicpathinfo"}%%TMPL:P{"beforetext"}%%TMPL:P{"formattop"}%%TMPL:P{"attachmentsattop"}%<div class="patternContent"><div class="patternTopic">

%CALC{"$SET(ModDate, %REVINFO{"$epoch"}%)"}%

%CALC{$IF($GET(ModDate) > $TIMEADD($TIME(), -7, day), %ICONURL{updated}% %GRAY% in the past 7 days %ENDCOLOR%, )}%

%TEXT%</div><!-- /patternTopic-->%TMPL:P{"aftertext"}%%TMPL:P{"formatbottom"}%%TMPL:P{"attachmentsatbottom"}%</div><!-- /patternContent-->

Example: WikiTutNewViewTemplate (raw view)

Step 2

Set the VIEW_TEMPLATE variable in your web's WebPreferences topic to use your view template instead of the default.

   * Set VIEW_TEMPLATE = MyWeb.WebViewTemplate


Try it here: TWikiTutUpdatedExample

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