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Wiki Troubleshooting Tips

Why is the left sidebar sliding to the bottom of the page?

If you ever save a page and then can't see the left-side navigation bar because it's slipped down somewhere under your desk, or it's showing up over on the right side of the page, the page probably has an unclosed <div ... </div> pair. If you didn't think you were using a div anywhere, look for a broken %TWISTY%. You must have an %ENDTWISTY% for every %TWISTY% (and vice versa).

Something is Weird and My Page isn't Displaying

Use Raw View to investigate. Add "raw=on" to the end of the URL in the Address bar.

Do you have a SEARCH that might be timing out or an INCLUDE that could be failing?

The Page Looks "Funny"?

If you're using IE, try Firefox. Sometimes buttons, images, and other Look&Feel elements do not display well in IE.

Why Don't The Dates Sort Properly in my table?

I have a table with dates in it and they don't sort properly. What can I do?

For sorting, the type of data in a table cell is determined automatically:
  • date: dd-MMM-YY or dd-MMM-YYYY
    (you can use / or space in place of -)
    where MMM is the ISO 3-character abbreviation, e.g. 01-Jan-2008
  • number: digits, with optional decimal point
  • otherwise: treated as text

This means that 01 Jan 2008 is treated as a date, but 01 January 2008 is not treated as a date!
(Yes, this can be considered a bug).

Unfortunately, the default date format used by EDITTABLE spells out the full name of the month.


Specify a sortable date format to EDITTABLE, as
%EDITTABLE{format="|...| date,<size>, <initial value>, <format> | ...}%
where format has a LOT of options but the most useful are probably these two:
    %Y-%m-%d      e.g. 2008-05-09
    %d %b %Y      e.g. 01 Apr 2008

format=" text,20 | date | \
         date,,,%d %b %Y | \
         date,,,%Y-%m-%d | 

Click the header to sort by that column

Name Date 1 Date 2 Date 3
New Year's Day 1 January 2008 1 Jan 2008 2008-01-01
MLK Day 21 January 2008 21 Jan 2008 2008-01-21
Christmas Day 25 December 2008 25 Dec 2008 2008-12-25
Independence Day 4 July 2008 4 Jul 2008 2008-07-04
Memorial Day 26 May 2008 26 May 2008 2008-05-26
Labor Day 1 September 2008 1 Sep 2008 2008-09-01
Thanksgiving Day 27 November 2008 27 Nov 2008 2008-11-27
Mother's Day 11 May 2008 11 May 2008 2008-05-11
Father's Day 15 June 2008 15 Jun 2008 2008-06-15
Spring Equinox 20 March 2008 20 Mar 2008 2008-03-20

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