Web Magic

Web Graphics

  • See WebGraphics for graphics used in the Main/Admin web

Web Variables

  • See WebVariables for handy variables you can define for your web.

CSS and JavaScript

We use CSS and JavaScript to provide various extensions to Wiki, including table cell coloring, and more. variables also provides suggested easy-access variables for some of these.

CSS or JS file Description Variable?
cellcolors.css table cell coloring stylesheet %UseTableColors%
cellcolors.js table cell coloring w/ JavaScript - <td> cells only %UseTableColors%
cellcolorsall.js table cell coloring w/ JavaScript - <td> and <th> cells  
ddcolortabs.css "tabs" stylesheet  
list_sort.js JavaScript functions for sorting a list (bullets or TOC) See WikiTutSortLists  
searchAction.js JavaScript used in WebLeftBarSearch  
tablecolors.css FYI: table CSS used by TablePlugin  

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