Web Topic Edit Template Description

All new pages are initialized with a new topic edit template. By default, this is WebTopicEditTemplate but any web can define a customized WebTopicEditTemplate topic.

For example, a template may set
  • noautolink wrappers (to avoid those pesky ? )
  • an "Under Construction" graphic that you can remove when your page is "ready to read"
  • a default title
  • a table of contents
  • instructions and suggestions (in HTML comments).
    When you are finished editing your page, you can remove the comments.

Template Format

     <img src="%PUBURL%/%WEB%/WebGraphics/constr_tape.gif" width='532' height='34' />

---++!! %TEAM_NAME%
---+!!  %SPACEOUT{%TOPIC%}%

%TOC{title="Contents" depth="3"}%

   * #Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.VickiBrown
   * #Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.VickiBrown

The sections of the template are described in detail below.




Our template turns off automatic linking of apparent WikiWords. See Content Guidelines for details.

img: Page Under Construction

     <img src="%PUBURL%/%WEB%/WebGraphics/constr_tape.gif" width='532' height='34' />

Our template includes a link to an under-construction banner

Page Title

     ---+!! %SPACEOUT{%TOPIC%}%

All pages should begin with a first-level header. ---+ You may customize (but please do not remove) the Page Title.

The default page title is created from the topic name, "proper-spaced". Spaces are added before each capital letter, so TWikiNewTopicOverview would become TWiki New Topic Overview.

Author Discretion: If your page is meant to be viewed frequently by people who are not members of the core %TEAM% team, you should keep the
     ---+!! %TEAM_NAME%
portion of the title in place.

TOC: Table of Contents

  %TOC{title="Contents" depth="2"}%

A table of contents can be very useful if you have multiple sections in your document. The TOC variable generates this automatically, based on the headings you define on the page. Headings in WikiSyntax ("---++ text") and HTML ("<h2>text</h2>") are taken into account. Headings marked with "!!" are excluded; for example, write "---+!! Text" if you do not want to list the header in the TOC.

Our standard template excludes the page title from the table of contents.

The "title" parameter provides a string that will appear at the top of TOC. This is not the page title. To restrict the TOC to a certain "depth" of header, include the depth parameter. For example,
  %TOC{title="Contents" depth="2"}%
will show only two levels of headers (---+ and ---++).

Your Text Goes Here!

After the TOC, just start typing below. Separate "paragraphs" by blank lines. Formatting help is available at the top of each editing page.


If you don't want to bother with formatting now, just type! When you are finished, you can remove the instructional --> comments (following the <! ... tags) that were imported from the page template. If you have questions, need help woth formatting, or aren't sure how (or where) to link your page into our document tree, please ask.

Access Control

   * #Set ALLOWTOPICCHANGE = Main.VickiBrown
   * #Set ALLOWTOPICVIEW = Main.VickiBrown

The last part of the standardized new topic template present options for restricting access to the page.

To restrict who can change a page, you set the ALLOWTOPICCHANGE preference variable. To restrict who can view, a page, you set the ALLOWTOPICVIEW preference variable.

These variables are included by our new topic template but in disabled mode. To enable a restriction, remove the # from the = * Set= line. Do not remove the HTML commeent tags around the Set commands below!

CAUTON: be sure to retain the proper format:
    3-spaces * 1-space Set ALLOWTOPIC...
Use care in changing the list of approved users. Use groups whenever possible, not lists of individual names.

If you need to restrict (or open) privileges further, please review AccessControl. Experiment in the Sandbox ask for help if you're not sure. Keep in mind - a typo in an Access Control setting could lock you out of your own page!

-- VickiBrown -- 24 Feb 2010
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