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This topic lists aliases needed to map inter-wiki links to external wikis/sites.

Whenever you write ExternalSite:Page it will be linked automatically to the page on the external site. The link points to the URL corresponding to the ExternalSite alias below, concatenated to the Page you choose. Example: Type Wiki:RecentChanges to get Wiki:RecentChanges, the RecentChanges page at the original Wiki site.

ALERT! Note: This topic needs to be visible for all users, or the plugin will not work correctly.

  • Inter-wike links are defined in the tables below.
  • Each entry must be of format:
    | External site alias | URL | Tooltip help text |.
  • The Alias must start with an upper case letter and may contain alphanumeric letters.
  • The URL and Tooltip Text may contain optional $page formatting tokens; the token gets expanded to the page name.
  • The Tooltip Text must not contain:
    • any HTML tags (including <nop> escape code),
    • any internal WikiWord links
    • any external links.
    • Hint: Escape 'WikiWords' and '$page'.

Distributed Inter-Wiki links are defined in InterWikis.

You can add local inter-wiki links to this topic. The Interwiki Plugin has been configured in SitePreferences to recognize links defined here.


Any inter-wikis you add here will then be available in the same way that the inter-wikis from InterWikis are. If you create a rule here which has the same alias name as a rule in InterWikis, the rule defined in this topic will take preference.

Alias: URL: Tooltip Text:
CfclTWiki '$page' in CFCL TWiki
CfclFoswiki '$page' in CFCL Foswiki
Cfcl '$page' in CFCL Foswiki
Twitter user '$page' on Twitter
WP '$page' on 'Wikipedia'

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