Plugins are add-ons that enhance and extend Wiki features and capabilities. The table below lists the installed and enabled plugins for CFCL Wiki.

Plugin Distributed documentation Short description
AutoViewTemplatePlugin documentation Automatically sets VIEW_TEMPLATE and EDIT_TEMPLATE
BeautifierPlugin documentation Provides the %CODE% and %ENDCODE% macros to display code fragments with formatting and syntax highlighting for improved readbility in wiki topics.
BookmakerPlugin documentation Provides a UI and an API for other extensions that support the definition and maintenance of a specific topic ordering
BreadCrumbsPlugin documentation  
CalendarPlugin documentation Show a monthly calendar with highlighted events
ChecklistPlugin documentation Maintain a list of checklist items with a simple mouse click.
CommentPlugin documentation Quickly post comments to a page without an edit/save cycle
CompareRevisionsAddonPlugin documentation  
ConfigurePlugin documentation  
DBCachePlugin documentation  
EditRowPlugin documentation Replacement for some of EditTablePlugin, some of EditTablerowPlugin and some of TablePlugin.
EditTablePlugin documentation Edit tables using edit fields, date pickers and drop down boxes
EmptyPlugin documentation  
ExplicitNumberingPlugin documentation  
FilterPlugin documentation  
FlexFormPlugin documentation  
FlexWebListPlugin documentation  
ForEachPlugin documentation Loop over successive elements of a list, or a range of numbers.
FormPlugin documentation  
GluePlugin documentation Enable TopicMarkup to span multiple lines
GoUptoTocPlugin documentation Adds a arrow to each header, which lets you jump up the TOC anchor
HistoryPlugin documentation Shows a complete history of a topic
HomePagePlugin documentation Allow sitewide, user or hostname specified default pages
IfDefinedPlugin documentation Render content conditionally
ImagePlugin documentation  
InterwikiPlugin documentation Link ExternalSite:Page text to external sites based on aliases defined in a rules topic
JQueryPlugin documentation  
MailerContribPlugin documentation  
MarkdownPlugin documentation  
MetaDataPlugin documentation  
MimeIconPlugin documentation  
MoreFormfieldsPlugin documentation  
MultiLingualPlugin documentation  
NatEditPlugin documentation A Wikiwyg Editor
PhotoGalleryPlugin documentation A gallery plugin for JPEG photos from digital cameras (and PNG, GIF and SVG graphics).
PreferencesPlugin documentation Allows editing of preferences using fields predefined in a form
PubLinkFixupPlugin documentation For non-utf-8 sites, fix up Pub links to use correct encoding.
RedirectPlugin documentation Create a redirect to another topic or website
RenderListPlugin documentation Render bullet lists in a variety of formats
RenderPlugin documentation  
SendEmailPlugin documentation  
SetVariablePlugin documentation  
SlideShowPlugin documentation Create web based presentations based on topics with headings
SmiliesPlugin documentation Render smilies like :-) as icons
SpreadSheetPlugin documentation  
SubscribePlugin documentation This is a companion plugin to the MailerContrib. It allows you to trivially add a "Subscribe me" link to topics to get subscribed to changes.
SyntaxHighlightingPlugin documentation This Plugin is used to emphasize the rendering of your wiki text according to several languages.
TWikiCompatibilityPlugin documentation Add TWiki personality to Foswiki
TablePlugin documentation Control attributes of tables and sorting of table columns
TagCloudPlugin documentation  
TinyMCEPlugin documentation Integration of the Tiny MCE WYSIWYG Editor
TocPlugin documentation Sophisticated table of contents generation
ToolTipPlugin documentation create Tool Tips for links
TopicInteractionPlugin documentation  
TopicTitlePlugin documentation  
TreeBrowserPlugin documentation  
TreePlugin documentation Renders topics' parent-child relationships as hierarchical tree view. Useful for dynamic site maps and threads.
TwistyPlugin documentation Twisty section Javascript library to open/close content dynamically
UpdatesPlugin documentation Checks for updates
VarCachePlugin documentation  
WysiwygPlugin documentation Translator framework for WYSIWYG editors

Contributed Modules and Add-Ons

Addon Distributed documentation Short description
BehaviourContrib documentation Behaviour Javascript event library to create javascript based interactions that degrade well when javascript is not available
CompareRevisionsAddOn documentation Compares two revisions of a document. In contrast to normal rdiff, the comparison is done with the rendered HTML output.
DBCacheContrib documentation  
FamFamFamContrib documentation 4 great free icon sets, by Mark James
FastCGIEngineContrib documentation  
JEditableContrib documentation  
JQSelect2Contrib documentation  
JSCalendarContrib documentation Mishoo JSCalendar date and time picker, packaged for use by plugins, skins and add-ons
JSTreeContrib documentation The popular jsTree jQuery plugin, packaged for reuse
JsonRpcContrib documentation  
MailerContrib documentation Supports email notification of changes
ModPerlEngineContrib documentation Permits Foswiki to be executed under mod_perl
PlainFileStoreContrib documentation Store Foswiki data using plain text files
RCSStoreContrib documentation A wiki topic and attachment store using the RCS revision control system
TalkContrib documentation Add Talk pages to Foswiki topics
TipsContrib documentation Displays rotating list of "Tip-of-the-day"
TopicUserMappingContrib documentation User management using data stored in topics

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