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CountrySorted ascending State FirstName LastName Organization
    [[BaaptMember][]] [[BaaptMember][]]  
    Able Guest  
    Alfa Guest  
    Baker Guest  
    Bravo Guest  
    Cedar Guest  
    Charlie Guest  
    Delta Guest  
    Dog Guest  
    Easy Guest  
    Echo Guest  
    Fox Guest  
    Foxtrot Guest  
    George Guest  
    Golf Guest  
    Hotel Guest  
    How Guest  
    India Guest  
    Item Guest  
    Jig Guest  
    Juliett Guest  
    Kilo Guest  
    King Guest  
    Lima Guest  
    Love Guest  
    Mary Guest  
    Mike Guest  
    Nan Guest  
    November Guest  
    Oboe Guest  
    Oscar Guest  
    Papa Guest  
    Peter Guest  
    Quebec Guest  
    Queen Guest  
    Roger Guest  
    Romeo Guest  
    Sierra Guest  
    Sugar Guest  
    Tango Guest  
    Time Guest  
    Uncle Guest  
    Uniform Guest  
    Venus Guest  
    Victor Guest  
    Whiskey Guest  
    William Guest  
    Xerxes Guest  
    Xray Guest  
    Yankee Guest  
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