Paper Plate Mitosis Lab

Students first filled in a worksheet and colored a diagram of mitosis. Then they modeled the stages of mitosis (based on the diagram) using paper plates and pipe cleaners.

Step 1 - Mitosis coloring activity

Diagram to color:

Mitosis Coloring.pdf (Handout / worksheet)

Step 2 - Convert the 2-D mitosis diagram into a 3-D model.

Model mitosis using paper plates, ribbon, and pipe cleaners

Materials (per student group)
  • 6 paper plates
  • ribbon: 4 strands in 4 different colors, cut to 6 inch lengths
  • pipe cleaners: 4 different colors; 8 pieces in each color (32 pices total), cut in 1-2" lengths per piece
  • large beads or small macaroni cylinders, 12 pieces
  • colored pens
  • white glue
  • 1-gallon "ziplock" bags for storing projects

General instructions
  • Use paper plates to model a cell.
  • Use pens to draw the nuclear membrane, asters, and spindle fibers.
  • Use ribbons to model chromatin. Curl the ribbon and glue into the nucleus.
  • Use pipe cleaners to model chromosomes. Twist two pieces of pipe cleaner around each other at the center to form the "X" shape. Be sure to use the same color for both chromosomes in a pair!
  • Use beads (or macaroni) to model centrioles.
  • Keep the chromosomes order the same in Metaphase and Anaphase!


(Teachers - see Mitosis pipe cleaner activity (attached) for a similar activity. I made changes that allowed the students to keep each phase of the model so we could grade the activity and display the results.)
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