H1^ Test Cases (Variant A)

The content below is based on Test_1, but introduces a form of explicit markup. The coverage is reasonably comprehensive; see Test_1B for a more selective version.

H2^ Header A, level 2

This sentence contains B^bold^, E^emphasized^, I^italic^, and T^teletype^ fonts. This sentence contains a L^link^.

H3^ Header A1, Level 3

Here is some preformatted text:

This is a preformatted line.
This is another.

H3^ Header A2, Level 3

Here is some quoted text:

This is a quoted line. This is another.

H3^ Header A3, Level 3

Here is a single-level list:

L1^ Item 1
L1^ Item 2
L1^ Item 3

Here is a multi-level list:

L1^ Item 1
L2^ Item 1.1
L1^ Item 2
L2^ Item 2.1
L3^ Item 2.1.2
L2^ Item 2.2

H2^ Header B, level 2

Here is a table:

B^Column 1^ B^Column 2^
Value 1A Value 2A
Value 1B Value 2B

H2^ Header C, level 2

Here is the same table in a TWISTY:

B^Column 1^ B^Column 2^
Value 1A Value 2A
Value 1B Value 2B

H2^ Header D, level 2

Here is an image:



Here is the last line in the page...

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