CSE: Pitch Tilt

This sketch plays an intermittent tone in loop(), varying the pitch and delay according to joystick settings.

// pitch_tilt - vary delay and pitch, using a joystick

int ij_vj     =   0;  // pin A0 senses vertical   joystick pot
int ij_hj     =   1;  // pin A1 senses horizontal joystick pot

int oj_rc     =   9;  // pin D9 drives right channel

void setup() {
  pinMode(oj_rc, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
  int delay_ms = analogRead(ij_hj) / 4;
  int pitch_hz = analogRead(ij_vj) + 100;

  tone(oj_rc, pitch_hz, delay_ms);
  delay(delay_ms * 2);



By setting the pitch to 100 more than the measured analog value (0..1023), we bring it up into a range that is easily audible (100-1123 Hz).

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