Control Shield Layout

The Joystick Shield covers most of the Uno's top surface. On the left end, the Uno's USB jack, reset button, and power jack are exposed. The right end, which extends about an inch past the end of the Uno, contains four control buttons (Left, Top, Bottom, Right). Going from left to right, the top surface of the shield contains:

  • a small (tiltable and clickable) joystick
  • a tiny reset button (below the joystick)
  • a prototyping area (used for added wiring, etc.)
  • four buttons, arranged in a diamond pattern

The Control Shield adds several items to the Joystick Shield:

  • Controls
    • two potentiometers to control analog levels
    • two potentiometers to control PWM integration
    • a rotary encoder with a built-in push button

  • Support
    • a pair of 3.5 mm jacks for input and output
    • assorted capacitors, resistors, and wiring


Here's a rough diagram, in ASCII art:

| rb         PL     PR         BT      |    |
| uj                                   | OJ |
|     JB                  BL   EB   BR |    |
|                                      | IJ |
| ep    RB   LL     LR         BB      |    |


Lower case items are below the shield; upper case items are above.

  • Buttons
    • BB - bottom
    • BL - left
    • BR - right
    • BT - top
    • RB, rb - reset

  • Controls
    • EB - Encoder, with button
    • JB - Joystick, with button
    • LL - analog level (left)
    • LR - analog level (right)
    • PL - PWM integration (left)
    • PR - PWM integration (right)

  • Jacks
    • ep - external power
    • IJ - input (3.5 mm, stereo)
    • OJ - output (3.5 mm, stereo)
    • P - pins (I/O header strips)
    • uj - USB (communication, power)


Sketch Item(s)
Cycle Pitch BT, OJ
Pitch Pot LL, LR, OJ
Pitch Rot BT, EB, OJ
Raw Tone OJ
Setup Alert OJ

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