Control Shield Wiring


The Control Shield wiring has only a few changes from the Sparkfun Joystick Shield. On the bottom, left, and top buttons, we bent pin 1 up so that it no longer connected to the original Uno pin. We then used pin 3 to attach to the desired Uno pin.

We added debouncing capacitors to the joystick, left, right, and top buttons, as well as the contacts in the rotary encoder. To allow comparisons, the bottom button has no capacitor.


Mostly, we added things:

  • potentiometers to set analog levels
  • potentiometers to set PWM time constants
  • rotary encoder with integral button
  • switched 3.5 mm jacks for input and output


The circuit diagram below shows what we did to the wiring of the Sparkfun Joystick Shield in order to change it into a Control Shield:


  • Adjustable Voltages
    • R7, R8 - 10 kOhm potentiometers (set voltage levels)
    • R1, R2 - 180 Ohm resistors (limit output current)

  • Pulse Width Modulation
    • C1, C2 - 4.7 mfd. capacitors (integrate pulses)
    • R3, R4 - 10 kOhm potentiometers (set time constant)
    • R5, R6 - 180 Ohm resistors (limit output current)

  • Control Debouncing
    • C3, C4, C5 - 0.1 mfd. capacitors (rotary encoder)
    • C6, C7, C8 - 0.1 mfd. capacitors (push buttons)
    • C9 - 0.1 mfd. capacitor (joystick button; not shown)

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