Braille Fonts

This page discusses sources and usage of braille fonts.

3D Fonts

SketchUp's "3D Fonts" tool can handle TrueType fonts. I'm currently using "HBS-8-Braille Visuell Dot" (see below) with it, being careful to avoid digits and special characters (which have different patterns in EuroBraille).

Alexander Fakoó

Alexander Fakoó has a web site (translate) which has a large number of downloadable braille fonts, including:

  • Braille
  • Braille deutsch

  • Blista Braille
  • Blista Braille Plus
  • Blista Braille ANSI
  • Blista Braille (ANSI)
  • Blista Braille Plus ANSI
  • Blista Braille Plus (ANSI)
  • Blista Braille Plus Space
  • blistabraille
  • blistabraille6
  • blistabraille6+

  • SimBraille deutsch
  • Swell Braille

  • HBS-[68]-Braille Taktil
  • HBS-[68]-Braille Visuell Dot
  • HBS-[68]-Braille Visuell Print
  • HBS-[68]-Braille Visuell Screen


Fontspace also has several "free fonts tagged braille".

To be continued...

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