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Image Processing A number of processing steps may be required before an image can be rendered by a braille embosser, e.g.: * simplification * clipping, edit...
Braille Embossing Background A braille embosser is a dot matrix printer of sorts. However, instead of spreading ink, it mechanically distorts the base material. ...
PBM2BB The Braille Blazer has a limited and poorly documented, but quite functional graphics mode. Although some existing programs use this mode, the only ones I ...
Projects/Access/Utiles/Fab/BE Web Preferences The following settings are web preferences of the Projects/Access/Utiles/Fab/BE web. These preferences overwrite the...
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CFCL Wiki's Projects/Access/Utiles/Fab/BE web
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* Main.TWikiGuest example #64;your.company __ .WebChangesAlert, ., .TWikiRegistration
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" else="CFCL Wiki's Projects/Access/Utiles/Fab/BE web"}% /Projects/Access/Utiles/Fab/BE
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RSS News Feeds Find out What's New There are several ways to find out what's new in each TWiki web: 1. Visit WebChanges to see recent changes 1. Subscribed...
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