Action Items

This page is a summary, in no special order, of current action items. Suggestions welcome!

Cutting Corners

I'm wrestling with the problem of how to cut rounded corners and binding holes in the backing page. The laser could do this, but then I'd have to worry about maintaining registration of the artwork.

One easy possibility would be to trim the backing page to the size of the main content rectangle. This entirely avoids the problems of cutting corners and holes, but loses the printed metadata at the top of the tile.

Exporting SVG

I'm working on getting SketchUp Make to export SVG, for use in Adobe Illustrator and/or Inkscape.

Flattening Tiles

During and after the engraving process, the tiles tend to warp. I'm experimenting with gluing the plastic to a sheet of cardboard and letting the tile cool down completely before detaching it. If this solves the problem, we're set.

If not, I could build an form that is flat in the short dimension, but allows an adjustable amount of curvature in the long dimension. This could be integrated with a temperature-controlled electrical heater, possibly by putting it in a heated cabinet.

Polishing Tiles

The engraved "floor" is transparent, it isn't optically clear or flat. This makes reading text (from the backing page) more difficult. Although laser-based flame polishing improves the clarity, it isn't a perfect solution. For one thing, the features tend to sag quite a bit.

However, as I'm not currently working on see-through tiles, I can let this issue ride...

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