Data Paths

This page discusses current and prospective data paths for generating and fabricating tiles.


The TechShop laser engravers are connected to PCs that have a variety of installed software. Using a package such as Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, or Inkscape, one can "print" images to the engraver. In an effort to streamline the process, I've been considering a range of data paths, e.g.:


  • solid line - full capability
  • dashed line - some capability
  • dotted line - strong possibility

Current Status

I am currently generating floor plans in SketchUp, exporting combinations of layers as PDF files, then using Adobe Illustrator to combine, edit, and print the result.

Although this approach produces a clean result, finessing program differences (e.g., layers, lines, faces, strokes) wastes quite a bit of my time and effort. And, because I can only use Illustrator at TechShop, I'm unable to do that part of the process at home.

Target Status

By doing the last stages of my content development on Inkscape, I should be able to minimize the need for intermediate PDF files. I also like the fact that Inkscape is open source software that should play nicely with QGIS, etc.

Inkscape is available on the TechShop PCs that operate laser engravers. I have installed it on my desktop and have started experimenting with it. Unless I encounter a show-stopper, I expect to adopt Inkscape as a replacement for Illustrator (and some SketchUp) functionality.

Export Options

Although SketchUp can import a variety of formats, SketchUp Make can only export one vector format (PDF). (There is a possibility of exporting SVG files, but it's not clear that this will be necessary.)

SketchUp to PDF

SketchUp Pro has the built-in capability to export to PDF. Although SketchUp Make does not support this feature, it is possible to "print" to a PDF file. See the Export PDF page for details.

SketchUp to SVG

sketchup-svg-outline-plugin claims to export faces from SketchUp models as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. However, getting the plugin to function has been challenging. See the Export SVG page for details.

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