Engraving Jig

Acrylic is a thermoplastic which tends to deform when heated. So, it needs to be held flat for engraving and cutting. After several iterations, I have an engraving jig that works pretty well.

Basically, it's a wooden sheet, about 14" H x 24" W x 1/2" D. A pair of 1/4" thick wooden strips hold down the long edges of the plastic sheet. Slots in the strips allow adjustment and clamping (via bolts, washers, and tee nuts). Once the long edges are secure, I fasten the short edges with binder clips.

Because the jig holds a double-length sheet, there was still a tendency for the centerline to rise up. I'm trying to decide how best to address this; my current approach is to use a springy piece of steel between the two center bolts.

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