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sketchup-svg-outline-plugin claims to export faces from SketchUp models as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) files. If the tool exports faces, it might export unaffiliated lines as well. Worst case, I could "pull up" everything in the Lines layer into 3D. Hmmmm...


Getting the plugin to function has been, erm, challenging. Simon Beard wrote the original version, then disappeared from view. Joakim Söderberg forked and updated this to his version.

After a promising but unsuccessful attempt to use the original version (it didn't complain, but didn't write files, either), I replaced it with the fork, eg:

  • In Terminal
    • $ cd ~/Library
    • $ cd 'Applications Support/SketchUp 2015'
    • $ rm SketchUp/Plugins/flightsofideas.*
  • In a web browser
  • In the OSX Finder
    • copy sketchup-svg-outline-plugin-master.zip to the Plugins folder
    • change the extension to .rbz
  • In SketchUp Make
    • go to SketchUp > Preferences > Extensions
    • click Install extension and find the .rbz file

However, although the installation proceeded without any warnings, at this point there was no indication that the extension had been installed. No new menu items or dialog appeared and "SketchUp Preferences > Extensions" did not list the extension. (I have filed a GitHub Issue.)

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