This sub-web contains information on use of QR codes for navigation by blind and visually impaired users.


All we really need, in general, is a unique text string. For convenience, however, this should be a valid URL. Using a URL shortener, this can be kept under 26 characters, the limit for a 25-module QR code.

Backing Sheets

By placing a QR code on the backing sheet of a tile, we can allow the user to look up relevant information online.

Doorways, etc.

It's possible to put QR codes next to doorways (etc), allowing a user to look up information online. However, the codes need to be sized according to the reading distance.

From QR Code Minimum Size, I gather that the width of a 25-module code needs to be about 1/10 of the scanning distance. So, in order to be readable 20 feet away, it would have to be two feet square. This is certainly feasible, but most institutions would not like it much (:-).

Supported URLs

Here are some supported URLs for our QR codes:

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