Data Display

This page sketches out some early ideas on data display for the Robotic Explorer (RX) system.

Ultrasonic Sensors

The RX Rover has three ultrasonic sensors (MaxBotix MB1260), pointing left, forward, and right. When used in analog mode, each of these can produce a line chart. In the chart below, reflection timing (i.e., distance) and strength (i.e., albedo, angle, size) are represented by the X and Y axes.

These charts, in turn, can be used to generate a waterfall plot. Basically, each new plot line is added to the front; previous lines are offset (back and right), producing a 3D effect. To reduce clutter, line segments that lie behind other lines are removed, e.g.:


Each ultrasonic sensor is paired with a camera. The still images from each camera can be assembled into a video stream, using time-lapse photography.


The six video streams described above (and others) can be integrated into a single stream, something like this:

Left Front Right
Waterfall Waterfall Waterfall
Video Stream Video Stream Video Stream

Appropriate controls can be provided, allowing the viewer to stop, back up, zoom, pan, etc.

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