Mobility Platform

This page discusses the RX Rover's "mobility platform", which is currently based on an iRobot Create 2 (C2).


In order to make the Rover easier to transport and work on, I decided to make the "payload" (computers, sensors, etc.) modular and easily removable. There is only a single cable that connects the C2 to the payload, so this didn't seem like much of a challenge.

The payload container should match the footprint of the C2 and be tall enough to contain the expected components. That is, a cylinder about 4" tall and 13" in diameter. It should be light, yet sturdy enough to survive minor collisions. A plastic cake container should do nicely.

The panning servo and sensor platform can be mounted on the lid, in a manner that allows them to be detached and dropped inside. The remaining components can be mounted on the base. The lid will come with fastenings; the base can be attached to the C2 by Velcro.

The Rover will record quite a lot of data (mostly JPEG images). Assuming 10 images/second from each of the three cameras, a one-hour exploration might accumulate something like 50 GB. Fortunately, this can fit nicely on an SSD.

To be continued...

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