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This subweb explores some ideas regarding creation of a web application, based on commodity hardware and open source software.


Tiles are time-consuming to fabricate, making them expensive and unsuited to demand-based generation. So, it would be nice to have an economical solution that solves these problems. Using open source software and commodity hardware, such a solution might be possible.

Also, devices such as a one-line braille terminal seem poorly suited to scanning documents (e.g., code, data) that encode structural information via a 2D layout.


Much of the software needed to fabricate a tile can be repurposed to support web-based access. The Data Paths page details my use of Inkscape and QGIS to support laser-engraved tiles. The diagram below sketches out a way to extend this to support web-based access:

Basically, the idea is to serve SVG content (generated by Inkscape, QGIS, etc.) on a web site. An Elm-based single-page application would allow the user to access this content on a client computer (e.g., desktop, handheld, notebook, tablet).

The user would indicate a point of interest (POI), using a pick device such as a graphics tablet or touchscreen. Although the device does not strictly need to have a visual display, this could be useful for a sighted assistant or a visually-impaired user.

The computer would respond with audible feedback (e.g., speech, tones). A separate control stream (e.g., keyboard, voice) would allow the user to modify the response mode(s) without moving her finger from the POI.


My work on the prototype has barely begun. I have set up an Android tablet with an attached keyboard and headphones. However, because the client-side software is a single-page application (running inside a web browser), many other hardware and software configurations are possible.

I also have assorted web servers that can serve static test content (e.g., CSS, HTML, JavaScript, SVG). This should suffice for a proof of concept (POC) system.

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