Rails Routes

Rails routing is a configurable and flexible control-flow mechanism. The app's routes are generally defined in routes.rb, but can be modified (like the rest of Rails) at any time. They define

  • specific mappings, with context-sensitive defaults, from url_for (and related) method calls to URLs (typically within the same app)

  • generic mappings from URLs matching a specified pattern to a designated controller and method (eg, method and view file)

The routing information is available (implicitly) in routes.rb, but obtaining the information from the parse tree is needlessly difficult. The current routing information is available through introspection, so script/console can be used to retrieve the information:

$ script/console
rs = ActionController::Routing::Routes; nil
=> nil
puts rs.routes
ANY    /:controller/:action/:id/                {}
ANY    /:controller/:action/:id.:format/        {}


  • "Rails Refactoring to Resources: Using CRUD and REST in Your Rails Application";
    Trotter Cashion, in Professional Ruby Collection; Addison-Wesley

    • Chapter 3: Routing
    • Chapter 4: REST, Resources, and Rails
    • Chapter 5: Reflections on Rails Routing

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