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File Tree Display Modes


The File Tree can get awkward to view as it grows in size. It would be nice to have controls (eg, disclosure triangles) to limit the depth and breadth of displayed branches.


Each level in the tree should have a disclosure triangle. The contents of each level should be divided into files and (then) folders. If there are more than N (eg, 6) files in the current folder, only the first M (eg, 5) files should be displayed. A disclosure triangle should allow the rest to be displayed.



Emerging Items

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Projects/Arti.SN_Form edit

SN_Title File Tree Display Modes
SN_Type ER
SN_UseType View
SN_Priority Nicety
SN_Urgency r.s.n.
SN_TaskSize M
SN_Phase Devel
SN_Status Active
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