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Show Routing information


There should be a page that shows routing information, possibly using a GraphViz-generated diagram.


My rx script generates a reasonable first cut at this (shown below), using routes() (from ActionController::Routing::Routes) under script/console. However, older versions of Rails don't support this.

   /:sections/                       ANY     feed             feed           
   /:path.:ext/                      ANY     assets           show           
   /:path.:ext/                      ANY     "                "              
   /:path.:ext/                      ANY     "                "              
   /:path.:ext/                      ANY     "                "              
   /overview.xml/                    ANY     admin/overview   feed           
/admin/                              ANY     "                index          
   /assets;upload/                   POST    admin/assets     upload         
   /assets.:format;upload/           POST    "                "              
   /assets;clear_bucket/             POST    "                clear_bucket   
   /assets.:format;clear_bucket/     POST    "                "              
   /assets;latest/                   POST    "                latest         
   /assets.:format;latest/           POST    "                "              
   /assets;search/                   POST    "                search         
   /assets.:format;search/           POST    "                "              
   /assets/                          GET     "                index          
   /assets.:format/                  GET     "                "              
   /assets/                          POST    "                create         
   /assets.:format/                  POST    "                "              
      /new/                          GET     "                new            
      /new.:format/                  GET     "                "              
      /:id;edit/                     GET     "                edit           
      /:id.:format;edit/             GET     "                "              
      /:id;add_bucket/               POST    "                add_bucket     
      /:id.:format;add_bucket/       POST    "                "              
      /:id/                          GET     "                show           
      /:id.:format/                  GET     "                "              
      /:id/                          PUT     "                update         
      /:id.:format/                  PUT     "                "              
      /:id/                          DELETE  "                destroy        
      /:id.:format/                  DELETE  "                "              
/xmlrpc/                             ANY     backend          xmlrpc         
         /:version/                  ANY     :controller      :action        
/:path/                              ANY     mephisto         dispatch       
/                                    ANY     "                "              



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