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ActiveRecord Class/Table Pages

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/L/View, Important/r.s.n., Analysis/Inactive

It would be useful to have a page for each ActiveRecord class (ie, database table). This should include a connectivity diagram, field descriptions, usage notes, etc.

Dynamic Data Collection

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/XL/Configure, Important/r.s.n., Analysis/Active

Many aspects of Rails applications are difficult or impossible to determine by static analysis. Some form of dynamic data collection would therefore be useful.

File Tree Display Modes

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/M/View, Nicety/r.s.n., Devel/Active

The File Tree can get awkward to view as it grows in size. It would be nice to have controls (eg, disclosure triangles) to limit the depth and breadth of displayed branches.

Generalized Data Model

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/XL/Program, Important/r.s.n., Analysis/Inactive

It would be useful to store Arti's collected data in some sort of generalized data model, so that it can be accessed via ActiveRecord, SQL, etc.

Improved PrettyPrinting

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/M/View, Useful/Soon, Analysis/Inactive

The current prettyprinting only works for a small number of file types (eg, rb). It would be nice to handle a wide range of file types.

Polyglot Arti

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/XXL/Program, Important/r.s.n., Inbox/Inactive

Once Arti is capable of documenting Rails applications, it would be nice to generalize it to handle other (eg, C/C++) apps.

Rails 2.x Compatibility

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/L/Configure, Important/r.s.n., Inbox/Inactive

Arti should be able to run on either Rails 1.2.x or 2.x. It should take advantage of conventions and tools found in these versions.

Show Refactoring Prospects

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/S/View, Useful/Soon, Devel/Active

It would be nice for Arti to detect and show "refactoring prospects". That is, parts of the code that deserve consideration for refactoring.

Show Routing information

%FORMFIELD{"SN_Title"}% %TOPIC% -- 2008.0612 -- ER/M/View, Important/Soon, Devel/Inactive

There should be a page that shows routing information, possibly using a GraphViz-generated diagram.

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