AccDC is a free development resource for international businesses, organizations, and academic institutions wishing to incorporate Accessible Innovation within future web technologies.


Put another way, AccDC (Accelerated Dynamic Content) is a collection of open source modules (mostly JavaScript), intended to assist developers in creating accessible web content. Bryan Garaventa, the primary force behind AccDC, has been extremely helpful to us in our efforts to scale its (substantial!) learning curve.

We are currently working on integrating the jQuery version of the Menu module, as a replacement for our (rather inaccessible, jQuery-based) settings menu. However, we are also quite interested in the Accordion and Popup modules.


The source code and supplementary information for most of the resources listed below is available on GitHub; follow the "(GH)" links for details.

  • CSUN Presentation Materials
    • CSUN 2014: AccDC - A Fast Route to Access for Web Applications (GH)
    • CSUN 2015: The Accessibility Tree: How ARIA Works (GH)
    • CSUN 2016: Using Visual ARIA to Physically See and Learn How ARIA Works (GH)
    • CSUN 2017: Static vs. Interactive Widget Roles - Ensuring Proper Functionality in ARIA (GH)

Usage Notes

AccDC's "Technical Style Guide" provides overview information and usage notes for each module. Although there is no way to link to these subsections, here is a recipe that should work:

  • Browse to
  • Find the subsection (e.g., Accordions, ARIA Menus).
  • Open/close the subsection by clicking its banner.

The demo links in each subsection lead to pages which demonstrate use of the various widget options. The source text for these pages includes detailed notes (in the comments), as well as working code.

This wiki page is maintained by Rich Morin, an independent consultant specializing in software design, development, and documentation. Please feel free to email comments, inquiries, suggestions, etc!

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