This page discusses assorted aspects of our development approach.


AxAp is able to import and integrate content from a wealth of local and remote sources. After performing any needed transformations (e.g., format conversion, indexing), it can make the content available to the user. Typically, the user interaction will involve a web browser and screen reader. However, AxAp can also route content to local output devices, including an audio channel, Braille display or embosser, etc.

There are many possible transformations; here are a few:

  • adding markup for structure and style
  • conversion of formats (e.g., LaTeX, PDF)
  • recognition of characters and images
  • generation of textual descriptions
  • ...


Because we want AxAp to be portable and free, we try to follow best practices in making our selections:

We are not opposed to making AxAp work with proprietary standards and/or software. However, the basic system will not have any proprietary requirements.


As xkcd 927: Standards points out, attempting to develop "one universal standard that covers everyone's use cases" may only add another competing standard to the mix. So, in general, AxAp doesn't compete with current standards and technologies; it merely integrates and augments them. For example, we expect to exploit:

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