Back End Architecture

This page examines AxAp's back end software architecture, concentrating on the primary data flow.

Use Cases

To focus the discussion, let's assume that our user is a developer who spends a lot of time searching for and examining open source software (e.g., libraries, utility programs). So, she spends a lot of time on GitHub and other web sites.

In order to mediate her interaction with these web sites, the AxAp Server needs to contact the sites on her behalf. It may also contact assorted web services, requesting content analysis, format conversions, etc.

In support of this activity, the AxAp Server needs to store a variety of data and metadata, including:

  • copies of documents (e.g., code, web pages)
  • supporting files (e.g., CSS, HTML, JSON)
  • browsing history and linkage information


To be continued...

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