High Level Architecture

This page examines AxAp's high level software architecture, concentrating mostly on data flow.


This diagram shows the major data flows in a typical AxAp system:

English Text

Here's a try at a human-friendly description, using English text:

AxAp can retrieve information from a Cloud Resource, a Local File, or a System Command. It can present results using local device resources such as Audio Output channels and Braille Displays (via BRLTTY). It can also access these resources through the combination of a Web Browser and a Screen Reader.


Finally, here's a computer-readable diagram specification, couched in an accessible tabular format. If you're interested in various ways to express this information, please visit the Graphs_Arch page.


In order to make our patterns as concise as possible, let's define the diagram's entities first. This section can be used to defining the node labels, harvested attributes such as "color" or "shape", and derived attributes such as "type".

ID Type Label
aa software AxAp
ao device Audio Output
bd device Braille Display
bt software BRLTTY
cr network Cloud Resource
lf storage Local File
sc software System Command
sr software Screen Reader
wb software Web Browser


This table presents the most-connected nodes first:

Source Targets
aa <(cr, lf, sc), >(ao, bt, wb)
bt >(bd)
sr <(wb), >(ao, bd)

These tables detail the connectivity of every node:

  aa ao bd bt cr lf sc sr wb
aa . >   > < < <   >
ao < .           <  
bd     . <       <  
bt <   > .          
cr >       .        
lf >         .      
sc >           .    
sr   > >         . <
wb <             > .

Source <> Targets
aa < cr, lf, wb
aa > ao, bt, sc
ao < aa, sr
bd < bt, sr
bt < aa
bt > bd
cr > aa
lf > aa
sc > aa
sr < wb
sr > ao, bd
wb < aa
wb > sr

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